Continuing Education For Dental Professionals With Dr. Ronald Perkins

Sleep disorders as an area of study has received considerable interest in recent years and has finally started to be given the attention it needs as a field of research; there is much that still to be studied and learned about sleep disorders. Medical community is continuing to identify and emphasize that sleep disorders can be a serious and life changing ailment and that in many instances, this condition, continuously goes untreated for many people around the world. Sleep disorders as a field of study and research is something that needs to be further evaluated and continuously improved in diagnosis and treatment and should be brought to the broader awareness through continuing education.

Sleep disorders are identified as continuous changes in sleeping patterns and/or habits.  The accompanying symptoms and signs that are associated with sleep disorders can be listed as following:  excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty sleeping, irregular breathing, and restless movement during sleep, abnormal sleep behaviors and some others.  Sleep disorder as a condition can significantly affect your health, quality of life, your personal stability and emotional balance.  With timely and accurate diagnosis,Dr. Ron Perkins can cure and treat most known sleep disorders safely and effectively.

Dr. Ron Perkins of Perkins Orthodontics, Sleep Disorders & TMJ in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas or Ronald C. Perkins DDS, MSD is regularly giving seminars on his revolutionary techniques for recognizing, diagnosing, and treating sleep disorders. He has been one of the pioneers of the diagnosis of sleep disorders and has continually improved his methodology of diagnosis and treatment over the years.  Dr. Perkins has developed Perkins Sleep Symptom Profile (PSSP) which has helped many dentists recognize sleep disorder patients in their practices.  His seminars are attended by all types of dental professionals, such as general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and dental hygienists.  Dr. Perkins is a provider of dental continuing education approved by the Academy of General Dentistry and his courses give CE credit to dental professionals.

With Dr Ronald Perkins Dallas Texas, techniques, many patients who originally were not being recognized, are being selected for treatment and get help that they desperately need.  Dr Ronald Perkins Orthodontist Dallas Tx has developed methods simultaneously treating sleep problems as well as TMJ dysfunction.  Using the techniques taught by Dr. Perkins, results in very high treatment success rates and great relief for the patients.  Headaches, TMJ or jaw pain quickly improve using the balanced appliance which Dr. Perkins teaches to doctors attending his seminars through lecture and hands on demonstrations.

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