High blood pressure can be a Symptom of a Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders are becoming one of the most common clinical problems that are diagnosed by medical professionals.  It is no secret that when a human being receives insufficient or nonrestorative sleep, it can considerably impact and impair his/her quality of life, both in the short and long term.  Sleep disorders might be a primary cause of some negative effects such a variety of medical conditions.  Primary sleep disorders can be described as endogenous disturbance in sleep-wake timing mechanisms, often as a result of certain behavioral conditioning.  As the diagnosis and research into this field develops, it has become increasingly clear that sleep disorders can come in many forms, and can affect many internal physical mechanisms.  Recent research into the field of sleep disorders has made considerable progress in identifying additional areas of linking between other illnesses and physical disorders.  It is now known that more and more conditions can arise as result of sleep disorder, previously not connected to it.

A newly labeled medical condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been found in women ages 35 to 45, which may really be just another sleep disorder called UARS or Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome.  Dr. Ron Perkins of Perkins Orthodontics, Sleep Disorders & TMJ in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas has treated many female patients with the same symptoms and has treated them without medications.  This treatment involves using a TMJ balanced oral appliance to bring the jaw forward and keep the TMJ joints (jaw joints) stable and comfortable.  Many symptoms of sleep disorders, such as headaches and high blood pressure are usually improved as well.  In fact, Dr. Ron Perkins has been extremely successful treating patients with migraines.  Low T or testosterone is another medical symptom in men which can be a direct side effect of a sleep disorder and is most likely a major cause of low testosterone.  High blood pressure is another symptom, usually treated by medications, but still continues to get worse throughout a person’s life.  Doctor Ronald Perkins who regularly treats sleep disorders has found a reduction in blood pressure with most all patients treated by his oral appliance.

Dr Ronald Perkins Dallas Texas has developed Perkins Sleep Symptom Profile (PSSP) that makes it easy to recognize, diagnose, and treat numerous sleep disorders and even sleep apnea.  Many patients are able to drastically reduce their medications when they sleep better.


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