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Dr. Ron Perkins Orthodontics Reviews: 5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Orthodontist

1) Straight Teeth are a Key Element to Good Health

Did you know that straight teeth actually are less prone to decay and injury than crooked teeth?  They also help you bite, speak and chew properly.  If you have misaligned jaws, it can contribute to higher usage rate and consequent wear of your tooth surface and put additional stress on gum tissue and bone that acts as support for your teeth and jaw joints.  Early diagnosis and correction of tooth and jaw misalignment issues can prevent a multitude of problems and will be less costly on your budget than treatment of problems that arise when you procrastinate with early treatment.

2) Good Looking, Straight Teeth Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

It is common logic that a set of teeth that look good, will also work better.  Creating a beautiful smile is a direct benefit of an orthodontist treatment.  By seeing an orthodontist, you can contribute to a healthy self-esteem; build your confidence and self-image.   You can help yourself develop social and career achievement as a result of orthodontic treatment and generally improve your attitude.

3) Your Orthodontist Should be a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist with Good Recommendations.

Dr Ron Perkins Orthodontics Reviews another essential component of the orthodontist visit, and to choose wisely the orthodontist that will be treating you.  He recommends an established orthodontist that is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and board certified orthodontist by the American Board of Orthodontics

4) Orthodontics is an Affordable Choice

Orthodontics should be a valuable investment on your part and should be a wise and affordable decision for your whole family.  Choose an orthodontist that will offer you free initial orthodontic exam and evaluation.  Be aware that most orthodontists should also offer you flexible payment plans and should accept most major credit cards.  Inquire into insurance plan options at your orthodontist’s office.  Orthodontist should be an expert in maximizing your benefits.

5) Significantly Shorter Treatment Times

Expect your orthodontic treatment to be much shorter than what was available a few years ago.  Due to many technological advances that have taken place in this field of study and practice (such as clear aligners and self-ligating braces), many patients are benefiting with much shorter treatment time-frames.  In addition to fewer appointments, expect the whole process to be much more comfortable and affordable than before.

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Dr. Ronald Perkins – What to Look for When Searching for An Orthodontist?

This article will review a general set of guidelines recommended by DR. Ronald Perkins, of Perkins Orthodontics, Rockwell Area, Dallas, Texas  when looking for an orthodontist in your area.

Firstly, it is recommended to be proactive, and to have your child checked out at an early age to see how his teeth are coming in. Do not wait until your child has reached a certain age to be fitted for braces, do it ahead of time. American association of Orthodontist recommends that all children get an examination by age of seven.

Secondly, start asking around through your personal network and your dentist for a recommendation, reviews of orthodontists in your area.

dr ronald perkins dallas texas
dr ronald perkins dallas texas

Questions that you should be looking to ask your potential orthodontist:

What is the size of the practice, how many orthodontists work in the office?

Regarding treatment plans:

What does the scope of the plan include?
Considering my child’s age, what is the best plan for his treatment?
What exactly will be done?
What other options are provided?
If we elect not to proceed with this treatment, what consequences do we possibly face?


How often do we come in for a visit?
How long does the whole process take?

Home Maintenance:

What does the orthodontist recommend for a daily routine at home?

Hours of Operation:

What are hours of operation? Orthodontists quite often have limited hours of operation, so certain arrangements could potentially be needed to take kids out of school or to get out of work.

Work Experience:

How long has the orthodontist been practicing?


What is the cost of the treatment?

How is it determined?
Are we quoted for a full price from beginning of treatment to the end of procedure?

Are there any additional charges while the treatment is in effect?
Is there follow-up care (for example, retainers) after the braces have been removed?

What insurance programs/plans are accepted?


Can references of past or current patients be provided?

Perkins Orthodontics is a premier orthodontics practice in the Dallas/Rockwall, Texas area. This practice is a 2007-2013 multiple award winner from such industry publications, and magazines like Big D, Texas Super Dentists and Living Magazine. Perkins Orthodontics has been serving patients for over 25 years, and is known for practicing cutting edge orthodontic treatment options in the Dallas and Rockwall, Texas area.

Doctor Ronald Perkins Dallas Texas – Premier Orthodontist in Dallas/Rockwall Area

So you have been recommended to be fitted with braces, what would be the next step to take?

Getting braces, for example, is a big commitment as you will working with one orthodontist for a few years. Search for a best fit and be prudent enough to select an orthodontist that you are comfortable with and that you trust. A good selection for an orthodontist is essential for a smooth experience. Ask around through your network of acquaintances, friends and family, read reviews, and do your research. Start looking for a professional that will deliver you the highest quality of work at a reasonable price.

Dr Ronald Perkins Dallas Taxas, Dr Ronald Perkins Orthodontics Scam
Dr Ronald Perkins Dallas Taxas, Dr Ronald Perkins Orthodontics Scam

When it comes to Dallas/Rockwall area, one name will surely come up and be mentioned in your search, and that is Ronald Perkins, D.D.S, M.S.D. Doctor Ronald Perkins has been a practicing orthodontist in the Dallas/Rockwall area for over twenty five years and has accumulated a number of awards for his excellence in this area of expertise. Dr. Perkins was named as one of the Best dentists in Dallas in 2007, and has also been featured in their list of the Best of Big D of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 issues. In addition to that, Texas Monthly Magazine also awarded him with “Texas Super Dentists” in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

You can expect the most cutting edge orthodontic treatment options to be part of Perkins Orthodontics, in addition to a passion for the work that carries through his entire practice as a foundation for success. Doctor Ronald Perkins is also known for his deep expertise in Sleep Apnea, TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) and UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome) and is considered as one of the premier specialists in this area all across United States.

When you come in to see Doctor Ronald Perkins, expect to receive a comprehensive exam that includes evaluation of your teeth and bite and possible sleep disorder problems, in addition to friendly and relaxed service. Investing in Doctor Ronald Perkins is a sound choice that will be complimented with years of experience and many positive reviews from his past and current customers.

Dr. Ronald Perkins

Dr. Ronald Perkins

Dr. Ronald Perkins recently lectured at the 2012 Meeting of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO). Ronald Perkins is known as a doctor who doctors can trust for quality as well as comprehensive treatment. He is a professional orthodontist doctor. Dr. Ronald Perkins loves life he sees life in a very positive way and it shows in everything he does. His talent for making beautiful smiles is matched only by his talent he loves making people smile

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